The Secrets of Successful Career Change

The Secrets of Successful Career Change

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The career change situation in any person’s life is very difficult situation. The reasons for career change can be many and each may have come through different reason. The most common reason to change job is recession or bad economy. In recession companies layoff employees, if entire sector is going down then you have really difficult situation in getting job in similar space. This makes you look into other sectors and where you can fit with current experience. Some time just by your experience is not enough to enter other work spaces, you need to get some certification in that field or do some diploma or crash course to help you get in that sector.

The other reason can be lost interest in current job. This happens when your job becomes monotonous and by doing same routine day by day you lose interest in job. Again it is not easy to change job unless you are adding value to organization with your past experience.

The other reason is riding on wave. One of the recent examples of riding on wave is dot com boom. This was the time when people from arts background also jumped in Information Technology field. The acute shortage of trained people led to hiring of non IT people with some training in Information technology. But this type of situation does not last long. You need to be lucky and be first to get in the race.

Why do you want to be in such situation where you had to not only change job but also choose new field. One should do assessment on likes and dislikes of his or her job. Also be in touch with market trends and how your company is doing in related sector. In case you have to change career it should be your decision not you being forced by unfortunate situation.

One of the best method to rate yourself how you are doing in your career is to update your resume periodically and match with current job openings in your sector. The updated resume provides you true picture how you are progressing in your career.

Another way to address to this situation is look and scan for transferable jobs. Some of the jobs such as management, sales, leadership roles etc are transferable. Change in these spaces is relatively easy as compared to technical positions, which requires years of experience in that space.

One of the way to keep yourself updated with technology and keep updating yourself with trainings and certification in your field. Of course this takes time from your day to day activities and may take few weekends from your family time. Overall this is good step to advance yourself in your career. Organizations often do fat check for employees, those lacking in career advancement are often let go.

We can’t control outside factors from affecting job market, there is certain things in our hand which prepare us for career change. Some of the things which you can do to help you prepare for career change.

  • Read news related to your industry.
  • Take trainings and certifications related to your field
  • Learn new language.
  • Get advance degree. Most organization fund advance degree for their employees.
  • Scan and research related work space.
  • Read white papers on your industry and related industry.
  • Update resume periodically.

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