Interview Tips That Will Get You the Job

Interview Tips That Will Get You the Job

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If I had my way, I would ask all the applicants to read up on interview tips and actually practice them before meeting me for their interviews. 

As a recruiter who has interviewed numerous applicants, I sometimes feel for these eager candidates who wanted to impress me but only managed to do otherwise. 

While having the required skills, knowledge and attitude stated in your resume and cover letter increases your chances of clinching the job, it is the actual interview which can make or break it. 

By sharing some of the tips which I have learned with you here, I hope you make good use of them to impress your recruiter and eventually, clinched the job. 

The Three Stages Of Interview

You may think that the actual interview is all that there is and you should focus all your energies on it.

In fact, there are 3 stages of the interview which contribute, in different ways, to clinching that position. 

And to make it easier for you to digest, I will categorize the tips into these 3 stages. 

The 3 stages are: 

  1. Before Interview 
  2. During Interview 
  3. After Interview 

Stage 1: Before Interview

In this stage, we focus on the preparation before the day of actual interview. 

This is usually 1 week to the day before the interview and involves preparation of: 

  1. Grooming and dressing 
  2. Document preparation 
  3. Mental preparation and practice 
  4. Information gathering 

Stage 2: During Interview 

This is the actual day of your interview and involves: 

  1. Getting to place of interview 
  2. Time to yourself before interview 
  3. What to do during the actual interview 
  4. Ending the interview 

Stage 3: After Interview 

This is after the interview and involves activities you carry out after it. These are things like:

  1. Sending a ‘Thank You’ note to your interviewer 
  2. Managing your expectations about getting the job 
  3. Moving on if you are not selected 

More Tips For The 3 Stages

In separate and related articles, I will be sharing interview tips on the details of these 3 stages so that you will have a better idea on why they are important and how they relate to the success of your interview.

It will also be a good idea to use these tips as checklists to prepare yourself and project that confidence when you meet up with your interviewer.

Do look out for these articles and good luck for your interview!

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