Important Things Job Applicants Must Consider

Important Things Job Applicants Must Consider

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Unemployment is always on the rise and many aspiring youths are left with little or nothing to do with their qualifications after graduating from college or the University. This is not to say that those big corporations and companies that can offer employment are not there. The problem is just that the margin between the qualifications these organizations are looking for and what the job applicants present to them is too wide.

If you’re a young graduate looking forward to gaining employment in a suitable organization, you have to equip yourself with what is needed in such an organization.

Today will be listing very important things you should have at the back of your mind before appearing at the interview desk.

Your Personality

More than the qualifications and degree you’ve garnered from the college and University you spent a major part of your life studying at, most bosses take the personality of their staffs a prior thing. Hardly is there any employer that would like to keep a rude or ill-mannered employee in his place of work. If your personality is not manageable or at least, if people have told you more than once that you have a bad personality – then you should work on that before looking forward to working with someone.

If it’s the way you carry yourself that would present you as someone who’s unprofessional or if it’s your style of conversation that makes you appear as a clown, just drop those habits and look for how to shape yourself for the better.

Mind you, there’s a huge difference between changing your personality and imposing another person. Try as much as you can to be your real self, but before then work really hard on who you really are.

Your Choice of Words

Secondly, mind your choice of words. While you’re really not going to be speaking unofficially with your future-employer, you should also study what the words you’re going to use might convey. The English language has a lot of meanings and can be a very complex language to communicate in, especially if you’re not a native speaker.

Most times, people might not really understand what you mean by using certain words and sometimes, they might truly understand what you mean but feign ignorance just to find a reason not to offer you the position you’re applying for.


Punctuality is a very crucial thing in any relationship. Keeping to time might make a huge impact in the relationship you’re about to start with someone and as a job applicant this should be on your list of priority. Just a minute below the scheduled time can give a bad impression of you before your future-employer.

No employer wants to start begging his employer to show-up at work at the appointed time, because this is what you should always struggle to do. As you know, every first impression makes a lasting impression.


Are you going to allow the way you dress to put at bad mark on your interview score? You should know that your dressing is one of the things that your employer will quickly notice about you. How do you tie your tie? What type of belt are you wearing; your wrist watch and expensive bangles might not be useful to you since you’re just about to get the job offer. Keep your dressing as simple but yet professional as possible.


Finally, this will be a very important thing you should keep a check on. Don’t let your nervousness be too noticeable – I won’t tell you not to have one, especially when it’s your first time applying for a job. And if you’re not the type to be nervous, avoid showing arrogance because that will make your employer feel bad of you. Just be natural as possible and try not to be another person.


With the tips I’ve covered in this article, you should be able to give a good impression when you’re appearing for a job interview. Although, the fact that you abide by all the tips listed here in this article does not entirely mean you’ll be offered a job because your luck with your employer giving you a job solely depends on your degree, qualification at the job and ultimately the person offering you a job.

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