Would You Consider Cover Letters Important? 

Would You Consider Cover Letters Important? 

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‘Yes’ would be a great answer to hear from you, simply because they help in attracting your recruiter. 

Yet, it is a frequently overlooked tool. 

Imagine you have crafted a 3-page resume filled with details about your work history, educational attainment and other information. 

Multiply these by 10, 20, 30 and even more. 

Now, imagine you are the recruiter looking through this thick pile of paper filled with words, words and more words. 

How will you quickly narrow down the applicants who match closely to your needs? 

Which ones, from the thick pile of resumes, will catch your eye first? 

Cover letters may be your answer. 

They are the quick introduction and summary of each applicant. 

Recruiters can use them to quickly move through the stack of resumes and have a feel of each applicant. 

If a particular one interests him enough, he will then pick up the accompanying resume and go through it. 

So, just as you take special care and put in additional efforts to polish up your resume (or curriculum vitae) , please do the same when you are writing your letter. 

Now, if you have not heard of them before, here’s a quick rundown of what it is. 

What Is It? 

Also known as application letter, it is a 1-page document which is sent together with your resume. 

It is an positive introduction of you to the recruiter and is usually laid out in this way: 

  1. Date 
  2. Recipient’s Name, Title and Address of Company 
  3. Salutation (recommended: get your recruiter’s name!) 
  4. Introduction 
  5. Main body text 
  6. Action you will take 
  7. Signing off with your contact details 

Hire a professional writer from an assignment writing service and he will be able to write your cover letter in a powerful and clever way.

Should My Resume

Come Before Or After? 

Well, it actually depends on your preference. There is no fixed rule on this. 

Personally, I prefer to craft my resume first. 

There are a couple of reasons why I do this. 

  1. A resume takes more time to work on, and I prefer to tackle the more time-consuming and ‘difficult’ task first. 
  2. A cover letter is a little like a summary of the resume. So, once my resume is done, I only need to extract the ‘essence’, the key points about myself. 

To Find Out More… 

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